Tingsha Bell

This is a very high quality Tingsha bell with near identical cymbals.

Made of 7 metals.

Either the Tibetan Mantra - OM MANE PADME HUM, or the 8 Holy Signs of Buddhism (as in the pictures) are embossed on each cymbal.

Tingshas are usually used during the beginning or end of Meditations.

They are also commonly used for kirtans and mantra chanting.

As each Tingsha is different from the other, the item you receive may not be identical to the picture, however, you can rest assured that it will be of the highest quality.

Delivery of Tingsha bells can take upto 20 days as we order each piece individually from India.

About Tingsha bells:

Tibetan tingsha (or Ting-Sha) (Tibetanཏིང་ཤགས་) are small cymbals used in prayer and rituals by Tibetan Buddhist practitioners. Two cymbals are joined together by a leather strap or chain. The cymbals are struck together producing a clear and high pitched tone. Typical sizes range from 2.5–4 inches in diameter. Tingsha are very thick and produce a unique long ringing tone. Antique tingsha were made from special bronze alloys that produce harmonic overtones. Tingsha are unique in form and function and distinctly different from Indian, Nepali, Chinese, Turkish or other cymbals.

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Tingsha Bell

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